backstepping的高超声速飞行器自适应故障补偿设计 1

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Unformatted text preview: ntrol and Dynamics, 2000, 23(4): 577-584. [10] Yufei Xu, Bin Jiang, Gang Tao, and Zhifeng gao. Fault accomodation for near space hypersonic vehicle with actuator fault. International Journal of Innovative Computing,Information and Control[J], 2011, 7(5) : 1-14,. [11] D.Swaroop, J.K.Hedrick, P.P.Yip, and J.C.Gerdes, Dynamic surface control for a class of nonlinear systems[J], IEEE Transactions On Automatic Control, 2000, 45(10) 1893-1899. [12] D.Wang and J.Huang, Neural network-based adaptive dynamic surface control for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems in strict-feedback form[J], IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 2005, 16,(1):195-202. [13] Hongyi Li, Yulin Si, Ligang Wu, Fault-tolerant output tracking control for a flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle[J]. Journal of Systems and Control Engneering, 2010 224(6):647-667. (1)~(5) 40 s u2 [14] SHIN D H,KIM Y D. Reconfigurable flight control system design using adaptive networks[J]. IEEE Transaction on Control sy...
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