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Vietnam Study Guide

kerry 1971 nyt pentagon papersellsberg from mcnamaras

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Unformatted text preview: e outcry over Cambodia in 1970. 1971 Mar: My Lai Massacre court-marshall of Lt Calley begins. Life in prison. Paroled after 3.5 yrs. 1971 Oct: SV Election. Pres Thieu unopposed (90% of vote). VP Ky/Gen Van Minh drop out. Rigged? 1971 Fulbright Hearings (senate): More US soldiers admit to atrocities "US Govt/mil approval?" Kerry! 1971 NYT "Pentagon Papers".(Ellsberg) From McNamara's study (1968). Secret missions (1940+) 1971 Congress outraged (My Lai,Pent Papers,Camb). Sen vote to repeal Tonkin Res (house=no) 1971 26th Amendment is ratified. Voting Age from 21 to 18 (if can fight and die, then can vote) 1972 Early: US force in Vietnam =150,000 troops . 1972 Feb: Nixon in China. China bad terms w/ USSR. US uses as bargaining chip (USSR & Vietnam). 1972 Mar: NVA cross DMZ/invade SV. "Spring Offensive". Last US ground battle of Vietnam War. NV took Hue (old cap). NV takes Quang Tri (Northernmost province/DMZ border. Bloody battle). Nixon orders bombing Hanoi/Haiphong. Op Linebacker I. No longer feared USSR/China intervention. ARVN troops eventually pushed back the NVA and retook Hue/Quang Tru/An Loc. SV/US WON 1972 May: Nixon in USSR. China visit worked. USSR tries to strengthen relationship with US. 1972 Aug 23: Last US ground combat troops leave Vietnam . A few advisors remain. 1972 Watergate Scandal begins. (Nixon orders burglary to find dirt on Democrat opponents). 1972 Oct: Kissinger's Promise: NV troops can stay in SV. Free POWs. NV agrees Thieu in govt. 1972 Oct: Nixon suspends bombing(north of 20 parallel). Kissinger "peace is at hand". Thieu angry (not consulted) demanded changes. Caused NV to end peace talks. Nixon's Promise Thieu $1b military aid & US support if NV broke cease -fire. (Nixon Lied). 1972 Election: Nixon wins re-election v Dem McGovern (antiwar). Landslide. Nixon WON. 1972 Dec: Nixon authorizes (2wks) Christmas Bombing/Linebacker II pressure NV to end the war. 2k sorties, 35k tons bombs on NV indus/military targets. 25% oil/80% electrical capacity. 1973 Jan: Christmas Bombing worked. Cease-fire. Paris Peace Talks (since 1968). Kiss's '72 promise. Remaining US troops to leave. NVA troops can stay in SV. US will intervene if NV attacks SV. In return, NV=national elections,Free POW, SV=" Nixon agreement=surrender of SV". Thieu-Ky(SV) continue to fight Communists until Fall of Saigon (1975). Trying to save SV w/out US. 1973 Mar: Remaining US military personnel leave . 1973 Nov: Congress passes War Powers Act. b/c Camb...
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