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Vietnam Study Guide

1965 war of attrition westmoreland ordered us troops

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Unformatted text preview: nh Trail (NV to SV via Laos/Cambodia) open. Attempt to destroy Industrial Bases and SAM's. Effective Targeting=impossible/SAMs in schools. Also, Ho Chi Minh evacuated Hanoi to limit Rolling Thunder's effects even more. 1965 "War of Attrition" Westmoreland ordered US troops to "seek and destroy" VC. Hoped to wear down VC by causing so many casualties they couldn't continue. 1965 Mar: 2 Marine batts (3.5k) sent to guard Da Nang base (Gen Westmrlnd). 1st Combat Troops 1965 June: US forces in Vietnam = 75,000 troops . 1965 July: Johnson authorizes additional 50,000 troops + 100,000 more in 1966 . 1965 Aug: Operation Starlite. 5.5k US v VC. 1st US ground battle of the Vietnam War.US WON. 1965 Nov: Battle of Ia Drang. Central highlands/valley. One of largest battles in war. US WON. Thanh return to Guerrilla Warfare & Westmrlnd maintain "War of Attrition". 1965 End: US forces in Vietnam = 184,000 troops . 1966 Aug: US force in Vietnam = 429,000 troops . 1967 Jan Op Cedar Falls: Wmrlnd searches for Central Office of South Vietnam (COSVN). Iron Triangle (60sq/mi North of Saigon). Precursor to larger Operation Junction City(Feb-May). Hammer/Anvil. Destroy VC facilities, remove civs, free -fire zone, expose tunnels w/ bulldozers. VC entrenched in tunnels. Impossible to find. Sign of things to come for US. 750VC d. 1967 Jun: CIA Phoenix Program. Assass VC leadership. 20k assass. Corruption/misman/bad intel. 1968 Jan: NVA attack Base at Khe Sanh (just below DMZ/HCM Trail). 50k US reinforcemments sent. Trick by VC to weaken US forces further south. Pave way for bigger "Tet Offensive". US WON (?) 1968 Jan 30: NVA launches Tet Offensive. 50k US still at Khe Sanh. US WON (political loss) Tet=New Year. Gen Giap. US Tricked (supposed to be Tet Truce for the New Year Holiday) VC & NVA cells attack 27 different US Mil installations in SV at same time. Lasted several weeks. US kill/capture most VC easily. VC ineffective after Tet so NVA did fighting. Hue: 1 month. NVA occupied Hue, Massacred 2,800 civs. US eventually won Hue back. Saigon: 3 days fighting in streets. SV Police Chief executed a VC Capt (on film). Reason: "break the aggressive will" of Johnson Admin. Force them to the bargaining table. Effects: VC quashed, but US people/congress knew Johnson was lying. War was not going well. Split Dems and entire US into pro & anti war factions. Low morale among US troops (Disillusioned: No support at home/no milit strategy to win). 1968 F...
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