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1968 mar westmoreland requests 200000 more troops

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Unformatted text preview: eb: McNamara resigns as Secretary of Defense. Supported escal but later ? US involvement. 1968 Spring: Johnson and Hanoi. Secret Peace Talks in Paris. 3.5yrs. Nixon tookover after 8 months. US want all NV troops out of SV. NV refuse provisional govt in SV if include Pre s Thieu. 1968 Mar: Westmoreland requests 200,000 more troops after Tet Offensive. Causes uproar/30k dead! Public and Policymakers(ex-Sec of State Acheson) denounce "War of Attrition". J fires Wmlnd 1968 Mar: My Lai Massacre. US kill 500 unarmed Vietnam civs (Lt Calley. Crt Mshl 71, parole 74) Stopped by Andreotta, Colburn, Thompson. 1968 End: US force in Vietnam = 500,000. Johnson authoriz. chem weapons (Napalm, Orange) 1968 October Surprise. Johnson "end naval/air/artillery bomb in NV", but Paris Peace Talks brokedown. 1968 Elections: J didn't run. Dems=McCarthy, RFK, Hubert Humphrey. RFK shewin but assass. With RFK dead, Humphrey won Dem nom. Kent State, Chicago Riot ruined his chances. Police brutality linked to Democratic Party by US public. Nixon WON Repubs capitalized. Nominated Nixon (Eisenhower's VP). Slow pullout. "Peace with Honor" George Wallace ran as 3-party. Pro-war but Anti-Civil Rights. Too extreme conservative. 1969 Vietnamization: Gradual withdrawal, return control of the war to ARVN(SV). Appease voters! US would still supply, fund, train ARVN. Cover US troop withdrawal with expanded air strikes. Nixon Doctrine: US=honor treaties, econ/mil aid, but not troops to defend allies (unless Nuke). Effectively revoked Foreign Policy of Eisenhower, JFK, and Johnson. No more "containment" 1969-70): Chieu Hoi (Open arms). Encouraged defection of VC/NVA in SV. 80k became 'Hoi Chanh' Leaflets dropped in enemy locations. Possession of leaflet guaranteed s afe passage if defected. 1969 Sept: Ho Chi Minh dies. Replaced by Le Duan (new head of NV Communist Party). 1970 Feb: Kissinger begins secret negotiations with NV (Le Duc Tho). Tho=increasingly stubborn. 1970 Lon Nol (anti-communist) overthrows King Sihanouk (neutral?) of Cambodia. HCM Trail closed. 1970 Apr: US bombs VC sites in Cambodia (neutral). To cut NVA supply lines. No Cong. Op Menu. Sent US and ARVN(SV) troops across the border into Cambodia. Bombing -1973. 30k-500k d. May 1970 expose in NYT outraged Congress and Public. Nixon rescinded the order that summer. 1970 May 4: Kent State Massacre & other Antiwar Protests. Response to Cambodia (see Anti-war). 1971 Mar: Nixon sends ARVN(SV) troops into Laos. Despit...
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