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1974 sept congress refuses funding of arvnsv foreign

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Unformatted text preview: odia. Restrict pres powers. Notify congress. 1973: End of the Draft. Congress says military must be paid volunteers. 1974 Watergate Scandal escalates. 1974 Le Duan (NV leader) assumes Nixon will not intefere in Vietnam now, due to Watergate Scandal. NV invades SV. Nixon does nothing (despite cease-fire agreement). 1974 Aug: Nixon resigns. VP Gerald Ford becomes 38th president. 1974 Sept: Congress refuses funding of ARVN(SV). Foreign Assistance Act of 1974 USSR/CHINA actually increased funding of NV. 1975 Spring: SV Defeat imminent. NV force SV to retreat. NV WON THE VIETNAM WAR. 1975 Mar: Gen Phu(SV) abandons Hue(Column of Tears). NV attack, kill 60k ARVN in column. 1975 April 29: US launches Option IV. Helicopter airlift rescued 7k. Evacuate civs from Saigon. 1975 April 30: Saigon falls to NV. President Van Minh surrenders Saigon to NVA Col. Bui Tin. Vietnam united under communist rule. End of Vietnam War. 1975 May 15: 18 US soldiers killed by Khmer Rouge. SS Mayaguez (Camb). Last Official US KIA. 1975-78 Kampuchea (Cambodia). Comm dict Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge kill 2m. "Killing Fields". 1976 July: New unified Vietnam becomes Sot Republic of Vietnam (SRV). Cap=Hanoi. Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City. (largest city in Vietnam). 1978 SRV invades Laos. 1978 SRV invades Kampuchea to stop Khmer Rouge atrocities. China freaks out/border war. SRV had 4th largest army in the world, but one of poorest economies. 1980s-1990s: Vietnam withdraws from Laos/Kampuch. Turns to Capitalism/more liberal economy. Geopolitical: Much of Indochina fell to Communism (Domino). US as Super power not affected. Vietnam WON but postwar = more war, poverty, suffering. Misc: 3 million tons of bombs dropped on Vietnam. More than all bombs dropped in Europe in WWII. NV: 1.1m d. SV: 200k d. US: 58k d 153k w. Civilians: 2-4m d. Camb (US bombing): 30-500k d. USA, SV, S.Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines....v.... NV, NLF (USSR,China). 500K US. 1.2m Allies total. 300K S.Koreans. 48k Aus. 552 NZ. 320k China(NV). 6k USSR(NV). NV Strategy: Same 3-phase strat used v French. Tire US into negotiating acceptable settlement. 1. Survival and build up a support base. 2. Geurrilla Warfare (small grps behind enemy lines, boobytraps, ambushes). Hide: jngl, tnnls. 3. General Counter-offensive (attempt to begin at Ia Drang but failed). Tet Offensive succeeded. 1959-70 US Anti-war Movement: (Quasi-revol period: Civil Rights, Baby Boomers, College). 1959 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) founded. S...
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