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Based on uk in malaya 1948 1959 diem regime passes

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Unformatted text preview: 1960 w/ thousands of people in each. Based on UK in Malaya (1948) 1959 Diem regime passes brutal Law 10/59. Military root out communists (NLF/"Viet Cong"). 1959 July 8: Ovnand and Buis. 1st US KIA. 1960 SV Communists form National Liberation Front (Viet Cong). Insurgents fight against Diem. b/c political attempts at re-unification between 1956-1960 had failed. NV hoped insurrection w/in. NLF Leaders: Tan Phat, Huu Tho, Thi Binh. Received orders from Hanoi(Vietnam Workers Party) 1960 Caravelle Manifesto: Intellect call for mild reforms to Diem's corrupt regime. Jailed! 1960 Attempted Coup against Diem failed. 1960 USSR begins airlifting to Communist Pathet Lao forces in Laos. 1st domino? 1961 John F. Kennedy takes office. 1961 Kennedy secretly funded increase of Diem's army 150k to 170k. 400 Grn Beret military advisors. This broke Geneva Agreement. So JFK kept it from US public. 1961 Jun: JFK meets Khruschev (Vienna). Protests invasion of Laos. Both agree: Make Laos Neutral. 1961 Strategic Hamlet: Thompson(UK)+US Advisors+SV Gov. Devel of Agroville (<1k/town). By 1962: 4.3m people in 3,225 hamlets. 2,000 more hamlets under construction. By 1963: 8.5m people in 7,205 hamlets. Ngo Dinh Nhu in charge. "Labor Camps" Failed: GVN unable to support/protect/provide for. VC tookover 80%. Public Opp. End: 1963 (Diem death). Committee for Strategic Hamlets disbanded in early 1964. 1962 Kennedy negotiates Declaration on Neutrality of Laos (in Geneva). 3-part Coalition Govt (Pro-Soviet, Pro-US, Neutral). Weak Agrmnt. Civil War resumed soon. 1962 Aug: JFK signs Foreign Assistance Act 1962. Mil support to countries if communist attacks. 1962 US creates Military Assistance Command of Vietnam (MACV). Train SV army (ARVN) 1962 US(MACV) sends 1,000 "military advisors" to Vietnam. 16k by Nov 1963. Many of the 250k weapons for ARVN ended up in VC hands. Many ARVN=VC/NLF 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis increases Cold War tensions. 90mi from US. Kruschev blinks. 1963 Jan: Battle of Ap Bac: Viet Cong beat ARVN. 1st major battle. US Media turns neg. VC vastly outnumbered/outgunned but ARVN took more casualties. USMil Lie="ARVN wins". But 2 US reporters on the scene report that "US in Vietnam=quagmire". VC WON 1963 May: Nhu: ARVN troops fire on Budd protestors in city of Hue. Outrage against Diem's regime. 1963 June: Buddhist monk(Quang Due) immolates himself (protest Diem's policies). Mme Nhu "BBQ". Kennedy realised Vietnam could never unite with Diem in p...
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