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Diemnhu executed gen duong van minh arvn temp took

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Unformatted text preview: ower in SV. Turned against him. 1963 Nov 1: Diem overthrown by ARVN Gens in CIA-backed Coup(Lodge). Diem/Nhu executed. Gen. Duong Van Minh (ARVN) temp took power. But unstable. Sided with Buddhists. --> Gen Khanh (Pentagon Coup) Fled Vietnam for exile in France. --> Gens Thieu, Thi, & Ky (after Feb 1965 coup. Corrupt. Military Triumvirate. US puppets). Ky = PM (John Wayne). Thieu=US make him President. But very corrupt leadership. 7 in 63 1963 Nov 22: JFK Assassinated. Johnson becomes president (kept 16k advisors/"Continue"). Kennedy doubted his own Vietnam policy. Mentioned possibly pulling out. 1963 US forces in Vietnam = 16,000 advisors . 1964 USSR begins suppliying military aid to Laos (after death of Kruschev). 1964 July 27: US forces in Vietnam =21,000 advisors . 1964 Gen Westmoreland takes over from Gen Harkin as Commander of Vietnam forces 1964 Aug 2: NV attacks 2 US Destroyers in Gulf of Tonkin (off coast of NV). b/c US spying. 1964 Aug 4: Supposed 2nd attack. A Johnson lie? J Admin used to push expanded war powers. Tonkin Resolution: Congress allowed Johnson to take " All necessary steps" (Escalation). Passed congress 533:2 in favor. (Opposed by Sen Morse, Oregon and Sen Gruening, Alaska) 1964 Nov: Johnson wins Election v Goldwater by landslide. Immediately escalates war. "Great Society" =domestic reform. "Goldwater's aggressive may caus e nuclear war". "Govt will not supply US boys to do what Asian boys should do". "Guns and Butter" 1965 Johnson initially offered Ho Chi Minh "unconditional discussions". But also believed a grad increase in US military presence would pressure Ho to negot iate or withdraw NVA from SV. Johnson's "Enclave Strategy": US would maintain ONLY areas of Vietnam already under SV. Westmoreland opposed. "take battle to enemy". Send more troops. (and Johnson did). 1965 Feb: Pleiku Raid (marine barracks). VC kill 8 US. Reprisal air strikes "Flaming Dart". In response, USSR begins shipping anti-aircraft missiles to NV. 1965 King Sihanouk (Cambodia) allows NV est bases, use Pt Sihanoukville, HCM Trail (until 1970) 1965 Mar: US Begins Operation Rolling Thunder.=beginning of Johnson's "Americanization". Constant bombing continued until Oct 1968 to demoralize NV. Underestimated nationalism. Attempt to encourage SV and to Push NV to negotiate, but it increased VC attacks. Attempt to block NV supply chain. But Ho Chi Mi...
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