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Nyc crumb donnelly braum formed after spring

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Unformatted text preview: emi-sot movement. 1965 Frist Draft Riots occur on college campuses. (after Gulf of Tonkin Resolution). 1966 Fulbright publishes "The Arrogance of Power". 1967 Johnson authorizes CIA/FBI investigate antiwar protestors. 35k protest outside Pentagon. COINTELPRO: FBI counterintelligence program. Used to track/arrest war protestors. ILLEGAL! 1967 Jun: Vietnam Veterans Against the War. NYC. Crumb, Donnelly, Braum. Formed after Spring Mobilization to End the War (April). 400k protestors. Apr 19-23, 1971: Dewey Canyon III (Laos) 4-day camp prot in DC, led by Gold Star Mothers. Spokesman John Kerry. Testified to Sen For Relations Committee for 2 hrs. Medal Toss. 1968 Aug: Protest outside Democratic National Convention in Chicago turns violent. 1000's of cops attacked protestors with clubs and tear gas . 1969 Aug: Woodstock. 400,000 people on farm in upstate New York. Symbol of Antiwar movement. 1970 May: National Guard kill four protestors at Kent State University (OH). Other colleges protested. 1970 May: Hard Hat Riot. Construction workers beat up students in New York City. 100K Counter-student Pro-war rally. "Students=wealthy brats while working class die in Viet" 1970 May: Jackson State University (Mississippi). 2 more students killed. 1971 Apr: Dewey Canyon III. (See VVAW above). Named after battle in Laos. Ho Chi Minh: Leader of NV (45-69). Communist/Sot/nationalist; founded PCI and Viet Minh Lived in France and England (1915-23). Established Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945. Le Duan: Controlled DRV guerilla operations in S. Vietnam. Replaced Ho after his death."2nd Son". Le Duc Tho: NV emissary. Led VC in SV. Cease -fire w/ Kissinger (Paris 1973). Refused Nobel Prize. Nguyen Huu Tho: Chairman of NLF(in SV). Later became president of SRV (1980). Nguyen Chi Thanh: a top VC commander. Urged general offensive in 1966. Pham Van Dong: NV Negotiator. Represented Viet Minh in 1st Indochina War. PM (50-75). Truong Chinh: Marxist. "Long March". Unsuccessful land reforms. Tran Van Tra: Gen. Led attack on Saigon during Tet Offensive. Vo Nguyen Giap: Viet Minh general; guerrilla tactics v Jap (World War II) Orchestrated defeat of French forces at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Tet Offensive. Bao Dai: Last Vietnamese emperor; took power in 1932 (French figurehead unt il 1950s). Unpopular. Duong Van Minh: ARVN Gen.. PM (1965 for 2 months) after ousted Diem. Ousted by Gen Khanh Ky: Prime Minister (65-67) after ousted Gen Khanh. Vice-President...
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