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Pm64 65 ousted by gen ky exiled to france thieu cerem

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Unformatted text preview: (67-71). Corrupt. Arrogant. Ngo Dinh Diem: US-backed PM of SV (54-63). Fraudulent elect 1955. Cath/Confuc/trad. Autocratic Ruler. Anti-Buddhist regime. Corruption/Nepotism. Ngo Dinh Thuc: Diem's brother. Catholic Archbishop of Hue. Ngo Dinh Nhu: Diem's youngest brother. Chief of Can Lao (secret police). Madame Nhu: Wife. SV's de facto First Lady. Francophile. Controversial/vocal. Nguyen Khanh: General. Ousted Gen Van Minh. PM(64 -65). Ousted by Gen Ky. Exiled to France Thieu: Cerem Chief of State(65-67). President of SV (67-75). Corrupt. Rigged 1971 SV elections. The Cao Dai: Eclectic cult. Eastern religion/Western Pop Culture. The Can Lao: Brutal Secret Police (led by Nhu) The Hao Hoa: Buddhism/Nationalism. Large army. The Binh Zuyen: Chinese dominated. HQ=Cholon (suburb of Saigon). Viet Mafia. Eisenhower: 34pres(R 53-61). Domino Theory. Expanded Containment to ALL locations. Dulles: Sec of State (53-59). Support French in 1st Indochina War. Strong anti-communist. Abrams: (68-72) Head of MACV. Replaced Westmoreland after Tet. Abrams=Westmrlnd's deputy. Fulbright: Ark sen. Critic Johnson/US war strategy in 1966 Senate Hearings."Arrogance of Power". Goldwater: Hawkish AZ senator. Ran unsuccessfully against Johnson in 1964 election Harkins: Head of MACV. "General Blimp". Inflated ARVN successes. Replaced by Westmoreland. Kennan: State Department Analyst. Developed " Containment" Policy in 1947(crit locs). JFK: 35pres(D 61-63). sent “military advisors” to Vietnam under auspices of MACV; assass in 1963 MA senator. "Best & Brightest" in cabinet. Break from old traditions. Johnson: VP (also 36th pres.) Rusk: Secretary of State. RFK: AG. McNamara: Secretary of Defense. "tit for tat"/Game Theory. Attack NV factories? Bundy: National Security Advisor; advocated early escalation of U.S. involvement. Taylor: US Ambassador to Vietnam (former General). Johnson: 36pres(D 63-69)(VP-JFK). Contd JFK 'moderate' policy until Aug 1964. "Americanization" Kept McNamara, Bundy. Gen Wheeler (Chairman of Joint Chief). Lansdale: CIA op in Vietnam in 1954. Became advisor to Diem. Nixon: 37pres(R 53-61)(VP in Eisenhower). "silent majority". "Vietnamization". Kissinger: National Security Advisor (later Sec of State). Negot 1973 cease -fire with Le Duc Tho. Frmr PolSci Professor. "War is a mistake". Pushed Nixon for disengagement. Nobel Prize. Spiro Agnew : VP. Publicly denounced critics of war. Resigned 1973 (tax evasion). Truman: 33pres(D 45-53) Rejected Ho Chi Minh’s call for recognition of the DRV. Acheson: Sec of State. Pushed Truman to aid French. Urged Johnson to negot peace. Westmoreland: (64-68) Head of MACV after Harkins. Aggressive Strategy (more troops)....
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