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Us support french against viet minh 1950 june korean

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Unformatted text preview: itary assistance. US support French against Viet Minh . 1950 June: Korean War begins (until July 27, 1953). Not officially ended. 1950 Ho again declares Democratic Republic of Vietnam(in North).Sov/Chinese recogn. 1950 NSC-68. Memo to Truman. Increase military to defend against Communist Threats. 1953 Jul: Korean War ends. 1953 French occupy Dien Bien Phu. Put their strategy into action (see above). 1954 May 7: Viet Minh defeat French at Battle of Dien Bien Phu. Fr. humiliated/Pub Opinion. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap (40k troops): bicycles/artillery. Destroy Fr airstrip. NV lo st 10:1 men. 1954 Geneva Agreement: France, Vietnam, US, USSR, UK, China, Laos, Cambodia. = 17th Parallel: DRV(Hanoi: Ho Chi Minh & Viet Minh), South Vietnam(Saigon: Bao Dai). China/USSR support north. UK, US, France support south. End of French Rule. = French w/draw from NV. Viet Minh w/draw from SV. Re -unify N/S after Free elect July 1956 *Agreement pushed through by USSR/China. USA not happy with it (Sec of State Dulles). SV unhappy. Diem doesn't sign the Geneva Accord. US = Nation Building. Support counter-rev alternative in SV (fix elections: Diem) > S.E.A.T.O Build schools, roads, medical programs, build public support for Diem. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam all gain independence from France. 1954 NV forms Group 100 (HQ=Ban Nameo). To direct, organize, train, supply Pathet Lao in Laos. 1954 Domino Theory (See Eisenhower). If Vietnam=comm, all Indochina, SE Asia will follow. Eisenhower feared free elections in Vietnam in 1956 would result in unified communist Vietnam. 1955 Summer: Diem begins arresting Communists & anti-govt. 1955 Ho Chi Minh begins Anti-landlord Movement in NV. Liquidate opponents in "land reform". 1955 Fraudulent Elections. Diem=98% vote. Removed Bao Dai. SV=Republic of Vietnam (RVN). Lansdale=US advisor to Diem. US help build arm y (ARVN). SV Govt=GVN. 1955 Diem initiates ARVN-enforced Land Redistribution (reverse Communist redistrib.) Change by Force. Villagers to Military settlements (afraid of Viet Minh rural popularity). 1955 Nov 1: Eisen deploys Military Assistance Advisory Group (train SV army). Bgn US in Vietnam. 1956 Apr: Last French troops leave Vietnam. 1957 Eisenhower Doctrine. Use of US military to protect Middle East against Communists. Also, Economic support to anti-communist governments. Ended in 1959 (caused anti-USism). 1958 Dec: NV invades Laos. Occupies part of the country. 1959 Diem: Rural Community Develmnt Prog (Agroville). Move peasants/leave Comms. 23 Agrovilles by...
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