People who settled in new england were from urban

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Unformatted text preview: England. People who settled in New England were from urban areas, where they didnt pronounce their r's, because that was the fancy accent. People from Virginia were more from Southern Britain where they pronounced their r's. 3. Describe the historical situation of English in the following locations: - Large number of French colonists at first, French is still very popular. Canada: Lots of other settlers came from America, it was the Americans that still supported the British so after the revolutionary war, they went to Canada to still be part of the Crown. - The Caribbean: Massive amount of people brought from Africa as slaves, Spanish colonists, significant influence of Irish speakers on the Caribbean. Pigeon languages developed. When kids grow up speaking the Pigeon language it becomes more complicated and becomes a Creole language. The kids naturally developed the language Australia and New Zealand: Large settling population were prisoners from London, Australia was a prison colony. Lots of Irish people who werent happy with British rule were brought to Au...
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