Summer Lecture Circulation 1 final

only measure blood pressure when the subject is

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Unformatted text preview: c (body) circula>on Pressure is the primary means by which blood is forced/moves through the vessels Blood Pressure is the pressure in the vessels rela(ve the ambient pressure Friday, July 20, 12 Mean Arterial blood Pressure (MAP) Diastolic = the highest pressure recorded Occurs during contrac(on Systolic = the lowest pressure recorded Occurs during relaxa(on Typical values Diastolic = 120 mm Hg Systolic = 80 mm Hg The Mean Arterial blood Pressure does not equal the average of the Diastolic and Systolic because they are not of equal dura(on (MAP = diastolic P + 1/3 (systolic P – diastolic P) MAP = 80 + 1/3(120- 80) = 93 mm Hg = 90/760 = 0.12 atmos. = 2 lb/sq inch Friday, July 20, 12 Level of le` ventricle Fluid Column Effects • A column of fluid exerts hydrosta(c pressure • The pressure of the bea(ng heart is a...
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