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Summer Lecture Circulation 1 final

Friday july 20 12 why so much loss of pressure in

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Unformatted text preview: dded to the fluid column pressure • As a result your Blood pressure depends on both where the measurement is taken rela(ve to the heart Friday, July 20, 12 Level of le` ventricle What Determines the Direc(on of Blood Flow? • Blood flows from high to low fluid energy Friday, July 20, 12 Maintaining the Flow • Using standard blood pressuring monitoring devices blood pressure in the arteries of the legs is greater than in the aorta – Blood should flow up not down!!!! – Look to Total Fluid Energy of Blood for the answer • Pressure generated by the heart is slightly higher at the aorta • Blood near the heart has a greater poten(al energy • As a result blood tends to fall into the legs down the gradient • Valves in veins help ensure one- way flow, skeletal muscles compress and force blood up • How can we simply this situa(on???? – Only measure blood pressure when the subject is sipng Friday, July 20, 12 Pressure throughout the Systemic Por(on of the Circulatory System Elas(c recoil in arteries (measured in radial artery of arm) Friday, July 20, 12 Pressure throughout the sys...
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