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Summer Lecture Circulation 1 final

The ekg is due to the large voltage difference that

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Unformatted text preview: demands on the heart. Friday, July 20, 12 Cardiac output • Average contrac(on at rest: 135 ml - 60 ml = 75 ml, a typical stroke volume at rest – Stroke volume not constant maximum ~100 ml during strenuous exercise • Es(mate of Cardiac output 72 beats/min x 75 ml/beat 5400 ml/min, or about 5.4 liters average total blood volume is only 5 liters! Friday, July 20, 12 Supplying O2 to Myocardium O2 demands of the myocardium second only to the brain Friday, July 20, 12 Different Ways We can Track the Heartbeat: Electrical Proper(es • The Electrocardiogram (ECK or EKG): – Track the powerful electrical events occurring in the heart using electrodes on the surface of the body – The depolarizations do not occur evenly. – The EKG is due to the large voltage difference that develops between the different regions of the heart during the cycl...
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