Summer Lecture Circulation 1 final

Relaxaon systole contracon start all chamber relaxed

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Unformatted text preview: cian to King Charles I of England, showed in 1628 that blood circulates, and that valves in heart and veins create a one- way flow of blood Nomenclature: Veins move blood towards the heart Arteries move blood away from the heart Friday, July 20, 12 Mechanical Events of Cardiac Cycle Key Terms: diastole (relaxa(on), systole (contrac(on) Start: All chamber relaxed Here blood does not flow into the veins it follows the path of least resistance Text 75 BPM DUP:Aor>c valves close In this example the length of the cardiac cycle is ~ 800 sec Compare the length of the atrial and ventricular systole Friday, July 20, 12 LUB: Atrialventricular (AV) valves close Different Ways We can Track the Heartbeat: Pressure • Since the heart is a pump we can track phases of pressure change during a cardiac cycle – Period of contrac(on • Systole – Period of Relaxa(on • Diastole • The pa]ern of pressure change reflects the mechanical proper(es...
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