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How oxidativephosphorylation chemiosmotictheory

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Unformatted text preview: boxylase Reaction Cost Rationale Glyoxylatecycle Reactions/Compartmentation Rationale Mitochondrialstructure SuborganellarCompartments Locationofpathways Transporters ADP ­ATPtransporter Pitransporter Shuttles Malate ­AspartateShuttle Glycerophosphateshuttle Reductionpotential Meaning  Equations  ElectronTransportChain Complexes: Name Reaction Protontranslocation?How? OxidativePhosphorylation Chemiosmotictheory ATPsynthase Structure Bindingchangemechanism Protontranslocation CoupledtoETC Uncouplers Regulation of Central Metabolic Pathways Feedback Inhibition Cascade   EnzymeorProcess Glycolysis TCACycle ETC/OxPhos  ketoglutarateDHase    Consequence Negative...
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