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Comm 417a Class notes

Comm 417a Class notes - Comm 417a Class notes Attraction...

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Comm 417a Class notes 2/27/08 Attraction - family – romantic – work *all different of attraction VIDEO – romantic attraction 20/20 I. Types of attraction 1) Physical (symmetry is attractive because evolution shows us that they are more biologically healthy) 2) Work (task attraction) 3) Social (friendship) component of all 3 in romantic relationships Study (1972) Judge must imp qualities in a potential partner Both men and women were asked what the most impt qualities for both sexes Men – Achievement, leadership, occupational ability, economic ability, entertaining ability, intellectual ability Women – Physical attractiveness, affectional ability, social ability, domestic ability, interpersonal understanding, moral and spiritual understanding II. Factors that predict attraction 1) Proximity (sometimes a dissatisfying explanation for people) 2) Mere Exposure (Zajone) more exposure = liking as a function of familiarity 3) Isolation and Anxiety – when isolated or anxious ppl tend to be more open to making friends 4) Similarity – “birds of a feather…” 5) Complimentary Needs – “opposites attract” 6) Reciprocity of Liking – if we think someone likes us we tend to like them too Schutz Attraction Functions (serves 3 functions) 1) Inclusion (involvement) – 3D 2) Affection (affiliation) – 2D 3) Control (dominance) – 2D Lee’s Love Styles 1) Eros – romantic love, beauty, physical attractiveness 2) Ludus – game playing, light hearted, flirtacious, change partners frequently 3) Storge – (Stor-jay) – friendship
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4) Pragma – practical love, logic, arranged marriage 5) Menia – dependant, jealous 6) Agape – selfless, compassion, unconditional love for others 3/3/08 -fighting and anger are not predictive of divorce (the way it manifests is) Mate Selection I. Buss and Barnes (1986) - Valued characteristics of mates and what men and women look for - 92 married couples - Good Mate? General – good companion, considerate, honest, affectionate, dependable, intelligent, kind, understanding, interesting to talk to, loyal - Women value more than men = considerate (p), honest (p), dependable (p), kind (p), understanding (p), fond of children (p, f), well liked by others (re), good earning capacity (re), ambitious (re), career oriented (re), good family background (f), tall (f), physical app 4 categories (data reduction) 1) Personality 2) Resources 3) Family 4) Phys. App. - Men value more than women = physically attractive (phys app), good looking (p a), good cook (re), frugal (re) 2 categories 1) Physical appearance 2) Resources II. Fletcher et al. (1999) - college students – build mental picture of ideal partner and describe them - data reduction found = 1) personality – warmth, trust -
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