hitch - 1 Although nonverbal messages can give a clue as to...

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1) Although nonverbal messages can give a clue as to what a person is thinking or feeling, they can also be very misleading. Verbal messages use language, which is precise, flexible, direct, and detailed. Nonverbal messages tend to be indirect, and even fuzzy at times. People are very good at masking their true feelings about someone or something with the nonverbal messages they send, because they are easy to manipulate. One example of this from the movie Hitch is during the speed-dating scene. Sara, Hitch’s love interest, goes speed dating with her friend Casey after a failed client of Hitch’s lures Casey to go out with him. The date ends horribly and Casey blames the so-called “Date Doctor”, Hitch, whose identity is hidden. Sara realizes Hitch is the Date Doctor and refuses to see him. He follows the girls speed-dating and they have it out in the middle of the whole thing. Sara finds out, by hearsay, who Hitch really is and makes her own assumptions about him. She then acts differently towards him, and it is not until he accurately explains who he is to her that she understands what he really does. This just shows that if you do not communicate verbally with someone they can misinterpret what you do and who you are. If Hitch would have explained to her, when this fight first started, what he really did and why, it could have been very different. The problem here is that people assume things, because it is the easiest thing to do. Another example of the strength of using verbal messages is when Hitch and Sara first meet at the bar. He carefully plans out in his head what he wants to do and, most importantly, say. When another guy pounces on Sara before he can, Hitch sits back and watches the other guy fail miserably by being arrogant and cocky like every other guy is to her. Hitch communicates, verbally, what his intentions are and is very honest. His word choices are careful but exquisite and Sara is impressed. He knows everything she is going to say, before she says it. On the other hand, Sara thinks that she knows everything Hitch is going to say by his body language and
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gestures, but she is wrong. Also, during their conversation, Hitch points out all of the nonverbal messages Sara is sending and overcomes them by speaking about them rather than acting on them. He uses the practicality of words to express how he feels, rather than just taking her nonverbal signals and not even trying. He accomplishes his goal of making her remember him.
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hitch - 1 Although nonverbal messages can give a clue as to...

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