lp3 - 1 Characters The three characters seen throughout the...

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1 Characters The three characters seen throughout the scenes being discussed are Mr. White/Larry Dimmick, Mr. Orange/Freddy Newandyke, and Holdaway. Mr. White, whose real name is Larry Dimmick, is one of the oldest members in the group. He has more experience than most of the other guys in the group and is close to the ringleader, Joe. Mr. White is slightly more attached than the rest as well, maybe because he is older and wants someone to confide in. He makes an early connection with Mr. Orange, almost father/son, and feels responsible when Mr. Orange gets shot in the belly. He also tells Mr. Orange his name and where he is from to make the situation a little more comfortable, and this is against the rules of the heist group. Mr. White is also very strong headed, and if another man in the group crosses him he is quick to draw his gun in response. Mr. Orange, real name Freddy Newandyke, is an undercover policeman. He is given the assignment to take down the leader of the diamond-robbing group, Joe. To do this he needs to infiltrate the group and become one of the guys. He does this by memorizing a script about an “experience” he had with a drug deal gone bad and telling it to Joe, his son Nice Guy Eddie, and Mr. White. They find him charming, witty, and sincere so they decided to let him in on the job. Although he knows his task at hand, Mr. Orange cannot help but to connect with the members of the group. For example, he connects automatically with Mr. White as his mentor type figure. He is calm and collected throughout the entire film until he gets shot, then he lets his guard down and starts to freak out – all the while keeping his identity a secret. The final character being talked about is Holdaway. He is the main other police officer in the film, and serves as Mr. Orange/Freddy Newandyke’s teacher. He is a bigger black man, and has a tough exterior – a kind of badass . He brings Freddy back to his senses whenever he strays.
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2 Holdaway makes sure Freddy remembers his ultimate goal – bringing down the group. He teaches Freddy the speech he tells the guys about the drug deal, helps Freddy create his new persona, and kind of watches out for him. He is not seen very often in the film, but when he is there his presence almost takes over. He demands attention, especially from his student Freddy. Communication Events There are three events that best show the aspect of communication being focused on. The first is a scene close to the beginning of the movie including Mr. White and Mr. Orange. They had just escaped the botched jewelry heist, Mr. White was driving and Mr. Orange was in the backseat screaming in agony from being shot in the belly. Through out the scene Mr. White is
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lp3 - 1 Characters The three characters seen throughout the...

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