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Griffin Chapter 35 Kramarae’s theory states that women are not taken seriously when it comes to language. They are devalued and muted in their attempts to speak their mind. She goes on to state that the world of speech operates with the private sphere of conversation being reserved for women and the public domain belonging to men. Kramarae argues that there should be a word signifying that these two worlds are equal and different, not better. She also goes on to talk about the fact that there are many more negative words associated with females than males. She shows this through the fact that women were present through out poetry and writings as the object of a man’s affection, but never really in history itself. Kramarae also uses four terms to describe how even the Internet has been consumed by male dominated speech and beliefs: information superhighway, the new frontier, democracy, and a global community. She then talks about how, to succeed, women have to learn how to speak the men’s language.
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