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Griffin Chapter 5 Pearce and Cronen’s practical theory states that persons-in-conversation co-construct their own social realities and are simultaneously shaped by the words they create. In other words, just by talking to another person we can create a new social world with that person. To illustrate this concept, M. C. Escher’s Bond of Union lithograph is used. It helps to explain the theory in detail, separating it into four sections and showing the strength of the social worlds created by communicating. The picture also shows the importance of coherence and coordination. The communicators can attain coherence by the common interpretation of their stories told, and can achieve coordination by intertwining their stories lived. These are two different types of stories as explained in the text; the first is based on language and the other on action. Further explaining the importance of the connection between communicators is dialogic communication; which is learnable, teachable, and contagious. Pearce and Cronen maintain that
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