wagthedog - 1 Wag the Dog 1) Bitzer's concepts of exigence,...

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Wag the Dog 1) Bitzer’s concepts of exigence, audience, and constraint are all used very clearly throughout the entire film. The first of these concepts, exigence, is defined as an imperfection marked by urgency. There are many examples of exigence in Wag the Dog , the first being the sex scandal, including a teenage girl and the president, eleven days before he is up for reelection. This situation is a perfect example of exigence because the president is being accused of sexual misconduct with a teenage girl, the imperfection, and it is less than two weeks before the Presidential Election, urgency. The team gathered to make this “imperfection” go away include a very high-strung woman named Winifred, a spin-doctor named Conrad, and a famous Hollywood producer named Stanley. As much as they try to solve the first problem and help the president move on to his victory more problems, falling in the category of exigence, get in their way. Another issue that surfaces when they try to push the limits of Hollywood trickery and reality to create a fake war scene for the media, is the greed that is Hollywood itself. The actress the crew hires to play a young Albanian girl fleeing her freshly bombed town decides that she wants to put this “job” on her resume. She, of course, cannot do this because it would ruin the entire project making the president seem even worse than he was being portrayed in the first place. The second concept, audience, is seen in many facets. According to Bitzer, the audience has the power to glorify or ruin the speaker. In the film, the main audience being addressed is the American voters, citizens over 18 years of age. If the group cannot keep the sex scandal out of the media and flood the airwaves with empty threats of violence and war, then the public will not vote for the president. If they can, for eleven days, keep the public on its toes with the so-called 1
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crisis in Albania then they will have a shot at keeping the president in the lime light for good reasons, not bad gossip. Another big audience is the veterans of past wars and the families current of the soldiers. With the newly acquired fake war hero “Old Shoe”, the public is taking notice, especially those closely related with war. No one, especially those who have felt the negative affects of war, wants to see a man left behind. This aspect touches those who have feared for their lives and those of their loved ones. The final audience I will address is the world
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wagthedog - 1 Wag the Dog 1) Bitzer's concepts of exigence,...

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