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class_notes_1(2) - “Cult of True Womanhood” white...

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Stereotypes: -Toms: “happy to serve whites” -Coons: “silly, he’s a joke/buffoon” -Mammys: “counterpart to Toms, happy to serve whites” -Mulatoes: “any mixtures of races, very looked down upon” -Jezebels: “very loose, easy” -Bucks: “frightening, may have a knife, don’t want to go near because I’m scared” Traits of True Womanhood -- piety (spiritual) -- pure (abstinence till marriage) -- domesticity (knows her place is in the home; takes care of children and cleaning; too fragile to be in the work force) -- submission (submissive to husbands; women are too emotional to think straight) *problem: slaves did not have the right to marry
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Unformatted text preview: “Cult of True Womanhood” white black *model for the white woman is the *Black: not a daughter of Eve, the Virgin Mary embodiment of spirit symbol of the uncivilized, reduced In the body to their bodies/ race *spirit and whiteness merge, where *requires white guidance Spirit organizes white flesh and Then in turn other non-white flesh *white as a symbol (morally pure) *black as a direct opposite-no morals-- “white” people do not exist- it’s a figment of our imagination -Richard Dyer *women are always glowing *Ideologies: African women gave birth in litters, and they didn’t feel pain during birth (ie. Not descendents of Eve)...
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