8 mthsc 108 test 1 version a 6 consider

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Unformatted text preview: full credit you must show legible and logical (relevant) justification which supports your final answer. All limits of integration should be expressed as exact values not as decimal approximations, ie. π and not 3.14. Solutions should be simplified using exact values such as π and radicals ( 2 ) as necessary. You are NOT permitted to use a calculator on any portion of this test. Evaluate the following integrals. Show all work, including u- substitutions. 2 1/ x e 1. (7 pts) ∫ 2 dx x 1 x 2. (7 pts) ∫ dx 1+ x MthSc 108 Test 1-Version A 3. (7 pts) ∫ 2− x 1 − 9x2 Fall 2012 dx π /4 4. (7 pts) sec 2 x ∫/6 tan x dx π 7 MthSc 108 Test 1-Version A Fall 2012 5. Let R be the region in the first quadrant bounded by the graphs of y = e2 x , y = 2 , and the y − axis. Carefully read each question!! a. (5 pts) Set up, but do not evaluate or simplify, the integral that gives...
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