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Offer suggestions about how the class could operate more efficiently, and about what areas of study might be included, expanded or eliminated. This class was very different than what I thought it was going to be. I took it as a women’s studied class and thought it was going to be more about The Gods and women – I did not realize it was an African American Studies class. The concepts in this class are very different than anything else I have learned and therefore did expand my prior knowledge about the subject, considering my prior knowledge was whatever I saw on television and in the media. I did not know much about the African American experience, especially relating to women, because we do not really learn this much about it in school. We are taught the basics about how slavery was bad, but nothing about how it affected the people that were enslaved. I appreciate this class very much, because being a slightly ignorant little white girl from the white suburbs of Chicago was not very culturally stimulating. I knew nothing of why blacks felt society was unfair; I only
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