Solution step 1 draw the phase diagram before and

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Unformatted text preview: + water = 327.12 g Mass of pycnometer + soil + water = 373.18 g Volume of pycnometer = 250.00 ml Compute Gs for this soil. SOLUTION Step-1: Draw the phase diagram before and after putting the dry soil using the given information Knowing that the volume of the pycnometer is V = 250.00ml and that the density of water is ρ w = 1g / ml , then the mass of water in the pycnometer is M w = V × ρ x = 250.00 g Mass of pycnometer Mp = Mp+w – Mw = 327.12-250.00 = 77.12g Mass (g) Volume (ml) 77.12 Pycnometer 250.00 Water 327.12 250.00 (a) Page 6 of 7 The...
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