Chapter 7 Lecture Notes

Chapter 7 Lecture Notes - Chapter 7 I Why surveys A Surveys...

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Chapter 7 I. Why surveys? A. Surveys have problems 1. Self-report data- people can lie during surveys because they report their data themselves 2. Response set- People tend to respond in socially acceptable ways 3. It’s not a good method for sensitive topics B. Allows access to attitudes 1. Behavior sometimes won’t match self-reported attitudes however 2. Fortune 500 list- Caucasian vs Asian name on resume to test discrimination, “of course we don’t stereotype” but wait…. C. Surveys are also sometimes used to make and not measure opinion 1. This is achieved by manipulating the question to get a specific answer D. Human behavior conforms to group standards 1. Confederates experiment with the line test- becomes difficult to maintain that opinion E. Polls can set group standards 1. The way you phrase the question directly impacts the answer received by the audience 2. Would you deny education to children of illegal immigrants? Vs Is the government spending too much money on the education of illegal immigrants? II. Sampling from a population A. Confidence interval- way of measuring how significant the poll is 1. If 50% of people think one way with a marginal error of 5 that means the real number is between 45% and 55% 2. However, the confidence of that interval is 95% meaning it will be within that range 95% of the time. Otherwise it could be completely off 3. All polls should have an estimate for a margin of error, or else they’re hiding
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Chapter 7 Lecture Notes - Chapter 7 I Why surveys A Surveys...

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