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Ricky Leuzzi Harmeet Dhaliwal Deborah Orellaha Presentation Group Topic List: -Obama vs. Hilary -differences between their campaigns -differences between their stances on current significant topics -War in Iraq -the pros and cons of removing our troops from Iraq -Immigration -why people are against immigrants -is it moral to separate an illegal immigrant child -can a border between U.S. and Mexico help? How? -Free Trade -should we amend NAFTA? -we are losing a lot of production jobs to Asia (NAFTA only applies to North America) -Energy Ideas -we need another energy source or else we will run out of oil -how should we go about finding that alternate energy source?
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Unformatted text preview: -nuclear power and hydrogen fuel?-random fact- plastic is primarily made from oil-Social Security-working class individuals pay a huge amount of their total income on it, the wealthy rarely find it threatening, can we fairly balance it out?-Health Care-ideas for more affordable health care-how to make a doctor’s visit for a small prescription cost less? Presentation Ideas:-Start off with a debate, or something along those lines to catch the class’s attention-Offer a reward to anyone who can correctly answer questions related to our presentation...
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