Anthro 2A -Midterm Review Sheet ANSWERS

Anthro 2A -Midterm Review Sheet ANSWERS - Review Sheet Exam...

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Review Sheet – Exam #1 Anthro 2A 1. Four Fields of anthropology –Boas: 1) Physical/biological Anthropology- to show no significant differences exist between the races. Show that all people are fully human. 2) Archaeology- to show all societies have made positive changes/adaptations over time. No society is stagnant. All change. 3) Linguistic Anthropology- to show that all societies have complex, fully functioning languages. 4) Cultural Anthropology- to show all societies have fully functioning complex cultures that satisfy the needs of the group. His ideas did not come widely accepted until around WWII 2. Definition of Culture -system of meaning that we compare to a “super” or “metalanguage”. We use meaning to understand things around us. 3. Aspects/Characteristics of Culture -culture (food, music, religion, entertainment, dress). 4. Symbol -word red, clothing, piercing. Never universal. Are arbitrary or contingent. Tend to operate at an unconscious or unspoken level. 5. Ethnography -refers to the written research produced by an anthropologist based on his/her fieldwork experience. Outcomes may be different on same situations because of different personal experience. Not completely unbias. Who they are will influence their experience. 6. Ethnographer -refers to an anthropologist that writes research based on his/her fieldwork experience. 7. Armchair Anthropologists -do not do any fieldwork; read other’s travel & books. Make theories from their readings 8. Edward Burnett Tylor -used unilineal evolutionary perspective; Based his ranking on religion animism (worship spirit and nature. Least evolved. Africa, North America), polytheism (worship many gods, Asia), monotheism (worship one god, Europe). Refers to line of evolution/advancement. Considered an armchair anthropologist. 9. Henry Lewis Morgan -interested in Native Americans. Wrote Ancient Society . Promotes a perspective of scientific racism known as unilineal evolution. Very racialized perspective. Started out as savages. Some evolved. All started at same place (Barbarian). Civilized is the highest. Considered to be armchair anthropologist. 10. Herbert Spencer -“survival of the fittest”. Europeans are more superior innately. Scientific racism—attempt to claim that Europeans were superior to others. Europeans were racist. Tried to use “scientific proof”. “Principles of sociology”—tried to explain social and racial inequality. Claims that social and racial inequality is due to “survival of the fittest”— Europeans are supposedly “more” fit than other groups and the poor were “naturally” inferior and the rich were superior. Often to referred to as “social Darwinism” or “scientific racism” (supposedly use science to “prove white superiority) or “Spencerism” 11. Social Darwinism -aka scientific racism by Spencer. Whites, or one race, are superior to others. 12.
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Anthro 2A -Midterm Review Sheet ANSWERS - Review Sheet Exam...

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