Mythology syllabus sept 28

Mythology syllabus sept 28 - Revised 9/28/2007 Classical...

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Revised 9/28/2007 Classical Mythology CLAS 104-01 Fall 2007 MWF 9 – 9:50 am Jones 204 Office: Jones 308C (inside the double doors of 308 labeled ‘Rare Books Office’). Phone: 247 1357 Office Hours: M 10:30 – 11:30 am, TH 1:30 – 2:30 pm or by appointment. NB: No appointment is set until I confirm via 3-mail e-mail: Grading: I do not curve. A+ 100-97, A 96-93, A- 92-90, B+ 89-87, B 86-83, B- 82-80, C+ 79-77, C 79-73, C- 72-70, D+ 69- 67, D 66-63, D- 62-60, F grades below 60. NB: you must complete all assigned work to receive a passing grade in this class. Grades calculated as follows: Exams (take-home, total 45%) Exam 1 (10%) Monday Oct. 8 – Friday Oct. 12 Exam 2 (15%) Monday Nov. 12 – Friday Nov. 16 Final Exam (20%) Wednesday December 12, 8am – 12pm Final Project (25% - 5% for preliminary materials, 20% for end result) In-class quizzes, short writing assignments: (10%) Homework Assignments (10%) Class participation (10% - turning in in-class short writing assignments, completing all class assignments,, understanding of material) Course Reading, Assignment and Exam Schedule NB: this is an anticipated schedule – the date on which any individual assignment is listed may change – any changes will be announced in class and updated on our course Blackboard site. Pages for readings in Morford and Lenardon will be added as we go along as I will use other readings to cover some of the material also included in the textbook. **Each reading, assignment or exam is due on the day on which they are listed, NOT the next class** W Aug 29 – Introduction: What is a ‘myth’? (part 1). Why do we care? How ‘we’ (who)? study ‘Classical’ myths. Course requirements.
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Mythology syllabus sept 28 - Revised 9/28/2007 Classical...

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