They should help you 12 a3 c introduction to prob

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Unformatted text preview: ld help you 12 A.3/ C Introduction to Prob. Mariolys remember the important definitions and theorems. 11 Limit Laws and Comb 20 IX.2 V1. Lay 4.1 #9, 12, Random Structures 13 and Limit Laws FS: Part C V2. Lay 4.2 #4, 10, 31 23 IX.3 (rotating 12 V3. Lay 4.3 #1, 5 presentations) Marni Discrete Limit Laws Sophie Combinatorial instances of discrete Mariolys 25 IX.4 Continuous Limit Laws Marni 13 30 IX.5 Quasi-Powers and Gaussian limit laws Sophie 14 Dec 10 Routine questions Presentations Asst #3 Due These are problems you should be able to solve in your sleep :-). Your goal is to be able to answer these questions quickly and accurately every time. These form the foundations of your skill set. R1. Lay 4.2 #2, 23 R2. Lay 4.3 #13,26 Proofs Dr. Marni MISHNA, Department of Mathematics, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY Version of: 11-Dec-09 Is the statement true or false? Give a proof if it is true. Give a counterexample if it is false. If it is false is there the core of a good idea there? Can you add some hypotheses to salvage it? P1. Lay 4.1 #5, 7 P2. Let V be a vector space and let W and U be subspaces of V . Let W ∩ U be the set of all v in V which are in both W and U . W ∩ U is a subspace of V ....
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