Give a proof if it is true give a counterexample if

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Unformatted text preview: ive a counterexample if it is false. If it is false, is there the core of a good idea? Can you add some hypotheses to salvage it? P1. Lay 6.2 # 33 P2. (True or false) Let W be a subspace of a vector space. If x is in both W and W ⊥ then x = 0. P3. (True or false) If U is an m × n matrix with orthonormal columns, then m > n. Exploration questions These are questions which is testing your understanding of the fundamentals. They are not routine exercises since the solution process may not be obvious at first glance. It may take a little bit of thought to figure out what to do; don’t be afraid to play around with some ideas. You’ll learn more by making mistakes and taking routes which lead to dead ends. Some of these questions may foreshadow upcoming material. E1. Lay 6.7 #17 1...
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