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1 a2 21 ii1 systems with labelled structures i 1 a

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Unformatted text preview: I.1, systems with Labelled structures I 1. A linearII.2, II.3 Comtet74#1 n variables and m equations can be represented by its augmented matrix, Handout (self study) 4 28 Labelled whichII.4, II.5, II.6m × (n + 1) matrix. structures II is an 2. A 5 III.1, III.2 linear systems can be either consistent with a single solution, or consistent with infinitely Combinatorial Combinatorial 5 Oct Asst #1 Due p Parameters many solutions,arameters or inconsistent if it has no solution. FS A.III 6 12 IV.1, IV.2 Multivariable GFs (self-study) 3. Linear...
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