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Bone modelingremodeling bone modeling construction is

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Unformatted text preview: e minerals to blood • Derived from myloid stem cells (not osteogenic cells) Seals the area. Bone modeling/remodeling • Bone modeling (construction) is the process by which bone is formed by osteoblasts without prior bone resorption building of bone on top of bone without breakdown of tissue before. – Happens during growth – Produces change in bone size and shape • Bone remodeling (reconstruction) occurs when bone is first resorbed by osteoclasts and then formed in the same location by When you get old, you need to osteoblasts rebuild bone to compensate for – Happens throughout life what you broke down. Every ten years, the bones in your body are basically replaced. Goal of modeling / remodeling Achieve strength for loading and lightness for mobility. How? 1) Strategically deposit bone where it is needed 2) Remove bone from where it is not needed to avoid bulk If you don't use it, you lose it. Goal of modeling / remodeling During growth To achieve the skeleton’s peak strength During adulthood To maintain bone strength by removing damaged bone Bone develops fatigue damage Just like roads and bui...
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