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Detect location and magnitude of damage osteoclasts 2

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Unformatted text preview: ldings, bone develops fatigue damage during repeated loading Bone is able to: osteocytes sense this 1. Detect location and magnitude of damage osteoclasts 2. Remove damage 3. Replace it with new bone osteoblasts 4. Restore bone’s material composition, micro and macroarchitecture Start process by breaking down tissue. osteocytes- cytes because they are mature 1. ACTIVATION: preosteoclasts are stimulated and differentiate under the influence of cytokines and growth factors into mature active osteoclasts 2. RESORPTION: osteoclasts digest mineral matrix (old bone) once activated, they do 5. QUIESCENCE: osteoblasts become resting bone lining cells on the newly formed bone surface their job. Bone Remodeling 3. REVERSAL: end of resorption; recruitment of osteoblasts Osteocytes sense and tell osteoclasts to stop so they don't keep going and going and make a hole through the bone. 4. FORMATION: osteoblasts synthesize new bone matrix /
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