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PSIO #9 Lecture REAL

Do not t in any category more cubelike found a lot in

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Unformatted text preview: ribs are considered flat bones. Do not fit in any category. More cubelike. Found a lot in wrist and the ankle. Sutural bone Smaller bones. Looks like a sesame seed. Anatomy of a Long Bone Articular Cartilage purpose is to reduce friction so bones don't run against each other. proximal Spongy Bone Endosteum (Trabecular bone) Epiphysis Metaphysis ends of the bone. Found in epiphysis. Compact Bone Found in diaphysis. Diaphysis The shaft, or middle of bone. Periosteum "peri" means surrounding, "osteo" means bone- so periosteum surrounding the bone Medullary Cavity Recall that the endosteum lines the medullary cavity Metaphysis Epiphysis distal Articular Cartilage Endosteum and periosteum are important for bone growth and remodeling Periosteum • Connective tissue outside the bone. membrane covering external surface of bone • Continuous with tendons, connective tissue of joints • Attached to bone matrix via perforating fibers Periosteum 2 Layers: 1) Outer fibrous 2) Inner osteogenic Layer is filled with cells...
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