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Rights and roles of women are important to look at during these times. While men were at war, women ran banks and what-not. The traditional role of the early American woman was a “helpmate.” Men held all political and economical power, and every woman was under a man. When and a man and woman got married, they became one person in the eyes of the government. When this happened, the woman loses her sense of individualism along with their first name. There were also different expectations for raising male and female children. The son was raised to be virtuous a, independent citizen. The daughter was considered to be educated if she could make a “pudding and a shirt.” Judith Murray criticized this under the new republic. A lot of women were illiterate and kept out of politics. Some people thought this was good. Republic Motherhood was an idea that the mother’s role was to raise virtuous sons, and only women with sons had power. Slavery was still very alive, but the political reasoning behind it was becoming important. Slaves were seen as “chattel,” or moveable property. Early America allows states to regulate whether slavery is protected, and states have slave codes in their constitutions. Large states wanted representation based off of population while the smaller states wanted to equal representation. This argument brings along the Great Compromise, where we get 2 houses, the Senate
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