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Unformatted text preview: As soon as I saw the list of books I knew what I was going to read. When a guy walks into Barnes & Noble he goes to three sections: Sports, History, and Cars. So when I see a book titled A Rumor of War I know its going to keep me interested. Luckily I just finished a book about the emergence of the Left Tackle in college football, so a history book was next up in the rotation, yay! I came home from the war with the curious feeling that I had grown older than my father, who was then fifty-one. It was a lifetime of experience had been compressed into a year and a half. A man saw the heights and depths of human behavior in Vietnam, all manner of violence and horrors so grotesque they evoked more fascination than disgust. Once I had seen pigs eating napalm-charred corpses a memorable sight, pigs eating roast people. This is very early in the first chapter, but the words leading up to it and following it reaffirmed my feelings on this book. I know its going to keep me locked in for all 346 pages. Im looking forward to my feelings on this book....
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