A Rumor of War Essay 2 - Anthony Majewski (Y21) A Rumor of...

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Anthony Majewski (Y21) A Rumor of War Question level A 1. If the patrol had to, it was ok to kill the captured “VC” if they resisted, because that’s what Captain Neal wanted anyways, bodies. 2. Caputo felt guilty at one point during an ambush because he was praying to God to help him kill. 3. After all the time he spent in Vietnam, Caputo, in a way, gets used to life on base. 4. Caputo pleads guilty to his third charge and is dishonorably discharged on grounds of lying under oath. The fourth statement is false, he had his charges dropped and received a letter of reprimand from the general. After Crowe is found not guilty on all accounts, Rader tells Caputo that as long as he pleads guilty to lying under oath about what happened that night, the general will drop the other charges against him. Caputo agrees and Rader goes to relay the news to the court. “Congratulations,” Rader says, as he walks into the room. Caputo was off the hook, only with a, “letter of reprimand in his jacket.” A week later, “10 days at most,” he was out of there, adjutant’s had cut his orders short. He was out of Vietnam, never to return as a soldier again. Statements one, two, and three are true. I thought of taking each of these and morphing them into my false statement, but I thought that the way the fourth questions is worded would confuse anyone who hadn’t read the entire book. (1) Statement one is completely true in the fact that Caputo had given that patrol orders to kill the captured VC if they resisted or tried to escape. Even though these captured men weren’t VC, the statement is still correct because only the orders are involved in the question. (2) Statement two is true, once his patrol stumbles upon some VC along the river he goes back to the rest of his troops, trying to make as little noise as possible. He was praying to God that the VC don’t hear him so his ambush is a success. Statement three is true. (3) This is a question that will get a lot of people that don’t read completely into the book and the words Caputo uses to describe his time at the base, especially when he’s about to go to sleep. He described his bed time as getting used to the big guns “serenade” him to sleep. His life on the base was repetitive and mundane for Caputo, something he did get used to, which is why he wanted to get out into the Vietnam Jungle. The four statements I’ve listed are a good example of someone that has not only read the book, but has a complete understanding of the characters and events that occur. Finishing the book should not translate to a guaranteed “A” for the student, because paying attention to what’s going on inside the book is very important, especially in a book like A Rumor of War . When reading all the statements together, the student who read the book and understood everything that happened will know what is true and what is false. A “C” understanding of the book will be completely lost. A “B” understanding of the book will probably be confused by the wording and
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A Rumor of War Essay 2 - Anthony Majewski (Y21) A Rumor of...

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