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We begin with Operation Overlord (D-Day in Normandy) in 1944 where we finally start the second front in Europe. The U.S. marches on and liberates Paris on August 25 th . We then have the Yalta Conference in 1945 where the U.S. and GB get the Soviets to join the UN, the USSR will want a security zone in eastern Europe and occupation of a partitioned post-war Germany (Germany in 4 sectors, Berlin in 4 sectors). The table for the Cold War is slowly being set. Two months after Yalta FDR dies and Truman replaces him, he has no idea what’s going on. This isn’t good for U.S.-USSR relations. V.E. day is May 7-8, 1945, some of the boys get to come home. The Charter of the UN is drawn up in the summer of 1945, “Sovereign equality of peace loving states,” sounds nice. The Soviet Union is absolutely crippled in WWII, losing 25 million people, the most out of anyone in the war. The Potsdam Conference occurs in July of 1945, USSR says they want all the land they lost to Germany in the beginning of the war, Truman is already suspicious of the Soviets. During the conference Truman gets word that the Trinity Project was a success. In May of 1945 we begin fire-bombing Japan. In July of 1945 we give the Potsdam Declaration where we
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