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Killing Pablo essay #1 - As soon as I heard the title's of...

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As soon as I heard the title’s of the books we could choose from I knew what I was going to read. Unfortunately the due dates came a lot faster than I remembered from last semester. So I went to Barnes and Noble tonight planning on buying a book, reading some chapters and hammering this portfolio assignment out. Unfortunately they were sold out of Killing Pablo and Hiroshima . So thanks to the magic of the outerweb, I was able to read some opening pages of the book I’m planning on readying, Killing Pablo . Amazon.com, who I just ordered the book from, had the opening pages of the book along with the index and what not. It was really a no brainer for me. I hadn’t really read or heard much about Pablo Escobar outside of Billy Walsh’s failed noir piece from Entourage . Although the pages I read didn’t really get into Pablo, it was a good introduction and I read through them in a matter of minutes, something that happens when I enjoy what I’m reading. I blasted A Rumor of War in a matter of
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