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Marketing Study Guide 2 nd Quiz Fall 2006 Intranets, extranets, networks, internets New economy Chapter on Sales force: types of sales force arrangements (territories, customer, product…); inside sales force; know steps in the selling process; qualities buyers look for in sales personnel; hardest part in the selling process; cold calling. Direct marketing definition; database; types of direct marketing (catalogs, direct mail, infomercials, telemarketing ((in bound and out bound)), …). Types of sales promotion: coupons, rebates, on-pack or in pack premiums, contests and sweepstakes, sampling, patronage rewards… Definitions of advertising vs. sales promotion Promotion Mix (definition and components) Push and Pull strategies (definition and types of promotions) Different ways of establishing advertising/promotion budgets (pluses and negatives) Advertising message: big idea, strategy, advertisement…
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Unformatted text preview: • Reach and Frequency definitions in advertising terminology • Advantages and disadvantages of media: newspapers, magazines, Internet and Billboards and television, buzz marketing and radio • Copy testing • Convenience sores vs. other forms of retailers • Wal-Mart: inventory, warehousing, sales associates… • Definitions of wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing and financing • International or Global retailing section in text • Supply chain, value delivery network, distribution channel • Elastic vs. Inelastic demand and pricing • Penetration pricing, price skimming, value pricing, and competitive pricing and other pricing techniques. • Product Life Cycle • Key to effective public relations • Review all the videos on the Blackboard. Understand the basic idea behind the videos. You can view them at TCC....
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