Quiz 1 study guide - 1 Human Relations MNA 2100 Quiz 1...

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Quiz 1 Study Guide Chapters 1-4 Evolution of Human Relations? 1- The emergence of industrialism 2- The specific management movement 3- The Behavioral Management Movement What does ethics look at: Why is a code of conduct important? Guide to summarizing the ethical principles and standards for individual behavior. Keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to conduct in the working environment. Scientific managers: knowledge of plant design, layout, motion, productivity, problem identification. What were these type of managers interested in? (traditional model) Behaviorial scientist: concerned for worker, viewed people as untapped resources (human resources model) What is Human Relations? Process by which management & workers interact & attain their objectives. Management Styles exploitive-autocratic- Total Control benevolent-autocratic- Parental type consultative-democratic- some confidence participative-democratic- total confidence What was important about the Hawthorne Study? Started the modern behavioral management movement
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Quiz 1 study guide - 1 Human Relations MNA 2100 Quiz 1...

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