Nanobeltsandvariousnanoscale featuresofznogivehigher

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Unformatted text preview: ectric strain coefficients. 5 Piezoelectric Properties Can produce voltage output from applied stress (strain), or produce stress when voltage is applied. Nanobelts and various nanoscale features of ZnO give higher piezoelectric constants (likely due to less dislocations and the impurity­free single­crystalline structures). Piezoelectrics used in: sensors (acoustic and electronic, as pickups in electric guitars, detection/generation of sonar waves, etc.); actuators (high­ precision motors, loudspeakers, atomic force microscope probe control); possible future use in vibration and noise reduction (housing, automobiles). 6 Semiconductor Properties • Zinc oxide is a direct wide­bandgap semiconductor (~3.3­3.4eV). • Allows for efficient photon emission, as in LED’s or laser diodes (rather than phonon emission with energy loss and heat generation). • Can easily be n­doped with aluminum, indium, or extra zinc. • Possesses high electron mobility and photoconductivity – can help speed up currents in semiconductor...
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