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HIST 101 December 6, 2007 1) Russia and Chechnya 2) Poland and Hungary “in transition” 3) Maastricht Treaty 1994 – European Union – continental currency change to the euro 4) Greenhouse Effect 5) Sunni vs. Shi’ite 6) Asian Tigers (or Pacific Tigers) 7) English and US Cultural Dominance Russia descended into economic chaos… Kleptocracy theft and looting Post-Communist worse than before, at least for a while Boris Yeltsin has his work cut out for him to hold on to oil areas - Becomes involved in a guerilla civil war in Chechnya - Thought he needed a war to boost his popularity
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Unformatted text preview: -Eventually fell under suspicion of corruption and bribery, so he ended up resigning in 1999-Successor = Vladimir Putin Finals Essay ?’s 4 short answer Extra credit fill-ins / multiple choice 127 points Final total as though its out of 100 points * Dunkirk symbol of disaster and heroism * European economic community or common market, use of technocrats (pro/con) * Stagflation role of middle east played in western development * Greenhouse effect, linked to global industrial society Tuesday @ 5 pm, December 11...
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