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pg 953-954, 959-975

pg 953-954, 959-975 - St Petersburg police the people of...

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Pages 953-954; 959-975 UNREST IN RUSSIA By 1871, the era of Great Reforms had run its course, and Russia remained almost the only European country without a constitutional government o Reform-minded youth increasingly turned to revolutionary groups for solutions to political and social problems o The secret police, relying on informers, rounded up hundreds of members of one of the largest groups, Land and Liberty , and subjected them to torture, show trials, and imprisonment When in 1877 a young radical, Vera Zasulich, tried unsuccessfully to assassinate the chief of the
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Unformatted text preview: St. Petersburg police, the people of the capital city applauded her act and acquittal, so great was their horror at the brutal treatment of young radicals from respectable families • In 1881, the People’s Will , a splinter group of Land and Liberty impatient with its failure to mobilize the peasantry, killed Tsar Alexander II in a bomb attack o His death failed to provoke the general uprising the terrorists expected END OF PAGES 953-954 Pg. 959-975, leading up to WWI…read on the way home from St. Louis...
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