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Pages 1031-1045; 1049-1053 RECONSTRUCTING THE ECONOMY The prewar pattern of mergers and cartels continued after 1918, giving rise to gigantic food- processors (Nestle in Switzerland) and petroleum enterprises (Royal Dutch Shell) By the late 1920s, Europe had overcome the wild economic swings of the immediate postwar years and was enjoying renewed economic prosperity Despite the growth, the US had become the trendsetter in economic modernization o European businessmen made trips to Henry Ford’s Detroit assembly line, which by 1929 produced a Ford automobile every 10 seconds Scientific management ( the science of work ) also aimed to raise productivity o Frederick Taylor developed methods to streamline workers’ tasks and motions for maximum productivity o Increased productivity not only produced prosperity for all but also aimed to bind workers and management together, avoiding Russian-style worker revolution o Streamlining did help reduce working hours in many industries, a result that encouraged union leaders to embrace modernization and the “ cult of efficiency Restoring Society o Confronting the appeal of Bolshevism, governments tried to make civilian life as comfortable as possible to reintegrate men into society and prevent revolution o Politicians believed in the stabilizing power of traditional family values and supported social programs such as pensions, benefits for out-of-work men, and housing for veterans to alleviate their pent-up anger “Homes for Heroes” vast improvement over 19 th -centruy working-class tenements o Despite government efforts to restore traditional family values, war had dissolved many middle-class conventions, among them attempts to keep unmarried men and women apart Freer relationships and more open discussions of sex characterized the 1920s Marie Stopes – “Married Love” and Theodor von de Velde – “Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique” Both described sex in rhapsodic terms and offered precise information about birth control and sexual physiology D.H. Lawrence and Ernest Hemingway – “Women in Love” and “The Sun Also Rises” glorified men’s sexual vigor Toothbrushes/toothpastes, razors, deodorants reflected personal hygiene and grooming Western women: wearing make-up (as prostitutes did), went to beauty
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pg 1031-1045, 1049-1053 - Pages 1031-1045; 1049-1053...

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