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Pages 1070-1088 THE ROAD TO GLOBAL WAR A Surge in Global Imperialism o In Palestine, European Jews continued to arrive and claim the area as theirs; the numbers quickly escalated as Hitler enacted his hard anti- Jewish policies in 1933 As immigration soared, the Arabs undertook a prolonged general strike in 1936…nationalist politicians from the region saw in the revolt evidence of a common threat to Arabs everywhere, and pan- Arabism suddenly intensified o Japan’s Expansionism Japan’s military leaders developed the ideology that the military was an institution unto itself, an “emperor’s army” independent of civilian control and indeed one whose well-being was separate from that of the nation By the 1930s, the young Emperor Hirohito and his advisers had helped reactivate emotional support for the imperial system and convince the people that Japan deserved an extensive empire September 1931, railroad train in Manchuria blew up, and Japanese officials used the explosion as an excuse to invade the territory, set up a puppet government and push farther into China From 1931 on, Japan continued its aggression in China Japanese military success added to the threat Japan posed to the West, as Japanese goods found even bigger markets in Asia thanks to the conquest of new regions In 1937, Japan undertook another attack on China, justifying its offensive as a first step toward liberating the region from Western imperialism o Germany and Italy Contest the Status Quo
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pg 1070-1088 - Pages 1070-1088 THE ROAD TO GLOBAL WAR A...

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