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Pages 1166-1181; 1188-1194 THE EROSION OF SUPERPOWER MASTERY ENDS THE COLD WAR The West, the World, and the Politics of Energy o In 1972, the US pulled off a foreign policy triumph over the USSR when it opened relations with the other Communist giant – China o Nixon in China Henry Kissinger decided to take advantage of the ongoing rivalry between China and the Soviets Mao Zedong had taken his country on a road quite different from that taken by the USSR, except for mass suffering caused by thwarted experimentation with manufacturing and agriculture Fearful of the Chinese diplomatic advantage and similarly confronted by popular protest, the Soviets made their own overtures to the US-led block In 1972, the superpowers signed the first Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT I) , which set a cap on the number of antimissile defenses each country could have In 1975, n the Helsinki accords on human rights, the Western bloc officially acknowledged Soviet territorial
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