Lecture 1 - Course Overview

Lecture 1 - Course Overview - Collect data Propose a...

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Geol 1100 – Principles of Geology (Section 1) Lecture 1 – Highlights 23 January 2008 General aspects of the course o o Textbook: Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 9th Edition by E. o Lab Manual: Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology , ed. R. Busch o Please practice lecture etiquette o Grading policy: Lab grade 25% Midterm Exams 45% Final Exam 25% Online Quizzes 5% BlackBoard o Login with pawprint o View grades o Communications o Self-tests o Lecture highlights o Other information What can you do to help your grade? o Attend lecture o Read assigned reading before lecture o Self-tests on BlackBoard o Ask questions o Attend lab Goals of GEOL 1100 o Basic ideas and methods of study in the earth sciences o Broader relevance (i.e., society) o Fundamental processes (physical, chemical, biological) What is Sciences? o Investigating how nature operates Observation, experiment, calculation, prediction o Scientific method Identify problem
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Unformatted text preview: Collect data Propose a testable hypothesis Test the hypothesis o Ideas are continuously being tested as they develop an make additional predictions o Hypotheses, theories, and scientific laws • What is geology? o The study of the Earth’s processes, composition, and history Physical, Chemical (& Biological) Processes, PLUS Time Some historical perspective • Ancient thoughts • Developed as a science beginning in 18 th century • Catastrophism vs. Uniformitarianism o Physical vs. Historical Geology o Many sub-disciplines (too many to list – see the book) • The Earth o Atmosphere o Hydrosphere o Biosphere o Solid Earth • What do geologists do? o Some “practicing” geological careers Environmental consulting Petroluem and Mineral exploration Academic research o Related career paths Law Journalism Public policy Other possibilities, too!...
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Lecture 1 - Course Overview - Collect data Propose a...

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